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    Are you like me and thrive to live a Holistic life, full of art and abundance? Well you are in luck... I support individuals with living healthier lives through holistic and creative processes.


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  • What People are Saying

    Meet Mary

    "I'm so Happy that Rachel was referred to me. That meant a lot since I had already hired 4 different VA's from broad-casting virtual videos to just basic design of graphics. After spending a couple of thousand dollars; I was about to give up!!
    Then I met Rachel on Zoom.
    I instantly got a good feeling; although actions speak louder than words. Needless to say, Rachel's rates are very reasonable for the Monthly Tasks I ask of her.
    Rachel has been with me nearing a year now. Ready to respond to my messages & last minute requests as quickly as she can.
    I love her Creativity & Scripting that goes into her Beautiful Graphics.
    Thanks Rachel
    -Mary Hart

    Meet Lori

    "Rachel gives me personalized service whenever I need it, she's very knowledgeable about DoTerra products and will go the extra mile to educate me on what works for my needs. I consider her my friend!"

    Meet Jenelle

    "Before using doTerra oils I did not realize how much I needed them. I have arthritis, tense muscles, neuropathy and anxiety.

    I introduced myself to Copaiba which was the best essential oil I could have given to myself. Copaiba has helped so much with my anxiety, digestive issues and pain. I put 4-5 drops in my coffee and sometimes later in the day I add it to my hot cocoa or warm tea. Then because I was experiencing Charlie horses in my calves, I decided to try Lemongrass. Oh my how that has helped. Now I can tell when I do not use it. When I have a certain symptom, I look it up in my oil Bible and use the suggested oil. I've never been disappointed with doTerra."

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