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    Art & Design have been a passion of me since I was little. I created my first menu at the age of 10, so I could please the dozens of pretend customers that were visiting my made-up diner! Thankfully I had an amazing mom that let me make several copies at the local printer. I remember stapling, coloring and marking each menu up until they were perfect! I knew then that art & design was not only something I loved, but something I needed in my life in order to survive.


    Over the years I experimented with so many different art forms; painting, dollhouse miniatures, crafts, flow painting, embroidering, sewing, scrapbooking, photography and the list goes on. I found that I LOVE it all! Some more than others but I have realized that art helps me free up my mind and unchain my potential. It also helps me release from habitual thinking by creating a space of stillness. This is my form of mediation.


    I know how powerful integrating art and essential oils into my health & wellness lifestyle can be and I want to teach others the same. I want to help educate, encourage & empower others to pick up that marker, dip that paint brush, explore nature through the eyes of a camera lens! We are all creative beings- we just need to practice our skills.


    I want to help those seeking holistic health, healing & hope. Thank you for being here.


    Oh wait... one more thing! Did you know I'm a self taught Miniaturist. I specialize in making Fun & Festive Dollhouse Miniatures! Have a look here!

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