I learned how to draw from being bored in school.

I would doodle on the margins of my paper.

What is Doodling?

Doodling is about creating drawings in an unconscious or unfocused manner. Some consider it rude to doodle a meeting or at school, but doodling can actually be incredibly beneficial.

Doodling consists of a repeated pattern of designs. Best Part- No two doodles are the same!

Four Benefits of Doodling

Doodling can benefit your mind, productivity, and business. Here’s how:

Improved short-term memory

Some believe doodling detracts from the task at hand. But in fact, some experiments have shown that doodling aids concentration*, or at least maintains a level of focus** during boring tasks. In one experiment,*** doodles were found to aid the recall of a conversation, where non-doodlers couldn’t recall the conversation in much detail. If you find that doodling does support your memory, or at least keeps you focused during an uninteresting task, there’s no harm in encouraging it.

Improved focus

Doodling and creative thinking can improve our problem-solving skills and even our comprehension. Doodling is not a distraction. Instead it has a way of inviting us to focus on the present and can be a form of meditation or mindfulness. This can help you to be present, aware, and more observant of what’s going on around you, or in a specific task.

Reduced stress levels

Doodling is also used as a form of art therapy. If you find doodling, or any kind of creative task, to be soothing, it may be worth investigating this further and seeing how it helps you with stress management.

Helps to Generate Ideas

When Doodling is an enjoyable activity, it results in positive emotions. This makes us more creative by opening us up to more exploratory avenues of thought. Doodling distracts us from consciously thinking about a problem and allows for the subconscious to find a solution.

I Can’t Draw Well

One of the most common misconceptions about doodling is that if you aren’t an artist you can’t do it. This statement is so far beyond false.

Like anything, doodling take practice and patience. But, if you can draw a square, a circle, and a triangle, you can doodle as its simply a combination of shapes and lines. Once you can see images as shapes and have the mindset to break them down into simple lines, you will be a doodling champ.

To Get Started
Here are some of my favorite Must Haves Supplies:

NOW- Let's Learn How to Doodle!

Below, is a video created by Dave Gray where he introduces you to the visual alphabet and walks you through some other more advanced doodling techniques.


*(Do & Schallert, 2004). **(Wilson & Korn, 2007). ***(Andrade, 2010)

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