• Stress Recovery kit

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    Essential oils are powerful tools that support your body naturally, effectively and chemically to help bring your body back into emotional balance.

    The beautiful thing about certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils is that you don’t have unwanted side effects.

    Whenever you inhale the complex chemistry aka molecules of a pure essential oil it travels through your olfactory system and triggers the Limbic system of the brain otherwise known as the “Emotional Brain.” Essential oils are a powerful support to anxious feelings, and Mary has shared some of her favorite DIY blends she makes at home.


    Join my friend Kelly in this 10 minute guided meditation to help you get back into your body.

    Often times we leave the body when we feel intense stress, anxiety or fear. This is called disassociation and we do it for self protection.

    In order to heal, and to find peace again we have to bring presence back into the body.

    In this guided meditation, Kelly will help reconnect you with your body and help release any tension or stress. Time to let it all go.


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